Flower Fan

Designer outdoor fan

The HVLS Flower Fan by Evel is a designer product that naturally fits in outdoor spaces.

Designed to ensure comfort in outdoor environments, it drastically reduces the sensation of humid heat and eliminates annoying insects (mosquitoes, flies, etc.), allowing customers to always find the optimal comfort to enhance their experience and continue consuming even during the hottest summer hours.

The brand-new and appealing design, combined with the materials used, make it both an extremely useful product and an outdoor furniture accessory, ensuring low consumption thanks to the brushless direct-drive technology with a built-in inverter.

The anti-corrosion surface treatments on the carpentry, and the IP65 protection rating of the motor-inverter, ensure installation even in salty and/or particularly humid environments.

Control is achieved through a simple potentiometer, specifically recessed into the concrete base, with which it is possible to increase and decrease the rotation speed of the blades according to needs.

Ensuring greater comfort through gentle and non-invasive ventilation, and eliminating annoying insects, increases the number of customers and their propensity to spend, always and anyway with a product that integrates well into outdoor furniture thanks to its appealing design.

FF 3000

Available diameter: ⌀ 3 meters

Height: 3.5 meters

Power supply: 100-220V single phase 50/60Hz
200-480V Three-phase 50/60 Hz

FF 4000

Available diameter: ⌀ 4 meters

Height: 3.5 meters

Power supply: 100-220V single phase 50/60Hz
200-480V Three-phase 50/60 Hz

Thanks to the outdoor fans, Flower Fan and MDN2000 by EVEL srl, we were able to ensure optimal comfort for the clientele of the restaurant and bistro even during the hottest and most humid periods of the summer 2023.
I would have never thought of such a simple yet effective solution; the fans ensure gentle ventilation and eliminate the sensation of humid heat, also getting rid of annoying insects.
I recommend to all my colleagues in the HoReCa sector to consider such a solution because, during periods of extreme heat, they are very effective in increasing the number of customers and consumption.

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